Conectas and Cebrap is holding a debate on public funding for Therapeutic Communities

The debate marks the publication of a piece of research entitled “Public Funding of Therapeutic Communities from 2017 to 2020”

The piece of research “Public Funding of Brazilian Therapeutic Communities from 2017 to 2020”, will be published with a debate next Monday (9) at 6pm. It was produced by Conectas Human Rights and Cebrap (the Brazilian Centre for Analysis and Planning).

This research is an unprecedented survey of Therapeutic Communities (known as CTs in Brazil), which are private institutions in which people are deprived of liberty for the purpose of treating the problem use of drugs. The study shows that CTs received a total of R$560 million from public authorities, between 2017 and 2020. 

The research also states that Therapeutic Communities openly provide treatment based on isolation, abstinence and spirituality. In addition, there is no standard for monitoring and transparency for this type of service which should be the basis of guidance for public administration. 

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The event will be online and broadcast on the Conectas YouTube channel. The lawyer and adviser of the Conectas programme, Tackling Institutional Violence, Carolina Diniz, will be mediating.

Also participating are: Mauricio Fiore(Cebrap); Luis Fernando Toffoli (Unicamp) and Paula Storto (SBSA Advogados), Lisiane Braecher (PFDC/SP), Leonardo Pinho (Abrasme) and Dayana Rosa (IEPS-UERJ).

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