Conectas is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that exists to protect, enforce and extend human rights as a path to a fairer world. We present below are our figures related to the year 2019.

Equipe Conectas

Our staff

Conectas has a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals, who are constantly training and engaged in the promotion and the protection of human rights.

Racial diversity

In recent years Conectas has been revising its affirmative action practices. The result is a more diverse team, including at managerial levels:

Age Range

Who believes in our work

Our work is supported by donations from national and international private foundations, as well as development agencies and individuals who believe in our causes and in the impact of our work.

Investment in transformation

All resources raised are invested in our programs to promote human rights, to combat setbacks, and in denouncing violations as well as maintaining the necessary infrastructure to carry out this work.

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