At the UN, Conectas and other organisations denounce discriminatory policies against migrants in Brazil

A statement made on Thursday (24th June), during the 47th anual session of the UN Human Rights Council, shows how the federal government violated the rights of migrants and refugees through ordinances published during the covid-19 pandemic

Conectas, in partnership with Sefras, I-Migra, Franciscans International and the Migration WG of the Collaborative Advocacy Network, filed a complaint against Brazilian government  at the just concluded 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council, claiming that the country has adopted discriminatory and illegal policies against migrants and refugees during the covid-19 pandemic.

“By June 2021, 30 decrees were published, restricting entry into the country. These border restrictions had an impact on the increase of undocumented migrants, as well as on immediate and mass deportations. In addition, migrants were left without access to international protection or asylum procedures”, stated the statement made this Thursday (25th June), by Savia Cordeiro; from I-Migra, the representative of the entities. Due to covid-19’s containment measures, the Council session, which is based in Geneva, Switzerland, is taking place remotely.

The entities also claim that the Armed Forces lack transparency and accountability in Welcome Operation, which is  responsible for providing support to Venezuelan migrants arriving in Roraima.

Check the denunciation in full at the UN Human Rights Council here:

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