Workshops address strategies for climate litigation and human rights; sign up here

The second edition of the course brings together activists, researchers and other social stakeholders to discuss lessons learnt and new paths for climate litigation in Brazil

Foto: Mauro Pimentel/AFP Foto: Mauro Pimentel/AFP

Conectas is holding three workshops on climate litigation on 13, 14 and 15 March, with a view to further encouragement of the debate on climate justice and human rights, with focus on discussing lessons learnt and new paths within this theme. Access this link, to sign up for free. 

The second edition of “Oficinas de Clima e Direitos Humanos” (“Climate and Human Rights Workshops”) will be composed of presentations by climate litigation experts and round table discussions between participants, focused on engaging new stakeholders and lawyers in the justice and climate litigation movement. Sessions will be held on the Zoom platform. The course has the support of the Climate and Society Institute (iCS).

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First day (13/03)

9am: Opening remarks with Júlia Neiva (Conectas)

9am: Presentation by Rafael Lopes (Instituto Arayara) – Climate litigation and energy transition

9.40am: Q&A

10.10am: Presentation by Maria Antonia Tigre (Sabin Center for Climate Change Law) – Climate litigation and indigenous peoples

10.50am: Q&A

11.10am: Break

11.20am: Presentation by Priscilla Santos and Leandro Lyra (CLIMÁTICA) – Climate litigation and investors

12.00pm: Q&A

12.20pm: End of first day


Second day (14/03)

9.00am: Opening remarks with Thaynah Gutierrez (Conectas)

9.10am: Presentation by Alessandra Lehmen (Brazilian Lawyers Association/Rio Grande do Sul) – Corporate climate litigation

9.50am: Q&A

10.00am: Presentation by Nauê Azevedo (Observatório do Clima) – Green Package at the Supreme Federal Court

10.40am: Q&A

11.00am: Break

11.10am: Presentation by Joana Setzer (Grantham Research Institute) – Climate litigation in the Global South

11.50am: Q&A

12.10am: End of second day


Third day (14/03)

9.00am: Opening remarks with João Godoy (Conectas)

9.10am: Presentation by Ciro Brito (Climate and Society Institute) – Rede Jurídica´s Experiences in Amazonia

9.50am: Q&A

10.10am: Presentation by Rafaela Rosa (Federal Justice) – Climate damage

10.50am: Q&A

11.10am: Break

11.20am: Presentation by Délton Winter de Carvalho (Unisinos) – Climate Constitutionalism

12.00pm: Q&A

12.20pm: Closing remarks with Gabriel Mantelli (Conectas)

12.30pm: End of event

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