Strategic litigation in climate emergency is topic of debate and book launch in São Paulo

The collection of articles entitled “Litigating the Climate Emergency”, organized by César Rodríguez-Garavito, will be launched on Thursday, February 9

Litigation as a tool to halt the consequences of global warming is the topic of the debate panel at the event to launch the book “Litigating the Climate Emergency: citizen mobilization in the courts to tackle the environmental crisis and assure basic rights”, to take place on Thursday, February 9, at 7 pm, at the Tapera Taperá Bookstore (Av. São Luís, 187, Loja 29, 2º andar, Centro, São Paulo – SP). 

The collection entitled “Litigating the Climate Emergency” explores the phenomenon of the “shift in rights” that is increasingly taking place in the context of climate action. Aware of the experiences and narratives in both the Global North and South, the experts who penned the book offer a systematic overview of climate change litigation and they analyze the opportunities and the challenges it poses for human rights.

The book is organized by César Rodríguez-Garavito, professor of the NYU School of Law and Chair of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, who will participate on the debate panel along with Júlia Neiva (director of Strengthening the Human Rights Movement at Conectas), Nauê Azevedo, (an expert in Strategic Litigation at the Climate Observatory), Flávia Bellaguarda (co-founder of LACLIMA) and Caio Borges, coordinator of the Law and Climate portfolio at the Climate and Society Institute). The panel will be moderated by Gabriel Mantelli (advisor of the Defense of Socioenvironmental Rights program at Conectas). 

Event: Launch of “Litigating the Climate Emergency” explores the “shift in rights” that is happening

When: 9 February, at 7 pm

Where: Tapera Taperá Bookstore (Av. São Luís, 187, Loja 29, 2º andar, Centro, São Paulo – SP)

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