Superior Electoral Court bans firearms license holders from transporting guns and ammunition during elections

In a ruling on the topic, the court expressed concern over political violence in the country

Fachada do edifício sede do TSE (Foto: Ag. Brasil) Fachada do edifício sede do TSE (Foto: Ag. Brasil)

In a unanimous decision, the Superior Electoral Court passed a resolution on Thursday, September 29, that bans the transport of guns and ammunition anywhere in the country by so-called CACs (collectors, sports shooters and hunters), both on election day and also 24 hours before and afterwards.

The decision was taken by the Court in the judgment of an electoral consultation filed by seven political parties. On August 30, the court justices had ruled that the bearing of arms would not be permitted within 100 meters of polling stations and other polling places, except by on-duty law enforcement officers.

According to the Superior Electoral Court, the new rule is intended to protect voting from any threat, whether actual or potential. It also aims to prevent armed confrontations resulting from political violence farther away from the polling stations.

In a statement about the case, 10 civil society organizations, including Conectas, expressed concern over CACs because “the increase in licenses in this category has not been accompanied by the development of control and inspection mechanisms to reduce the potential impact on public order and security from hundreds of thousands of people in the country bearing arms”.

The organizations also said that the lack of progress in the regulation of these activities increases the risks, for example, that shooting clubs may be located in areas close to polling stations.

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