State Court bans association that defends legal abortion from calling itself Catholic

The ruling, which organizations consider an act of censorship, divides doctrines and violates the association’s freedom of expression

Nearly 170 organizations came together this Wednesday, October 28, to sign a statement of condemnation against a ruling by the São Paulo State Court that, they say, censures a Catholic group that works with issues such as abortion rights.

The court ruling, published yesterday, October 27, bans the association Católicas pelo Direito de Decidir (Catholics for Choice) from using the word “Catholics” in its name because its purpose is incompatible with the values adopted universally by the Church.

In the letter, the signatory organizations affirm that the court’s decision seriously violates the right to freedom of expression, constitutes censorship and goes against the grain of democratic societies. 

Católicas pelo Direito de Decidir has been active in Brazil for 27 years and has been recognized for its advocacy in defense of the rights of girls and women.

The organization is recognized nationally and internationally and also by the Supreme Court, which makes the decision by the São Paulo State Court a unilateral position. 

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