Publication highlights importance of taking in migrants and refugees

Document released this Wednesday catalogues the content of the “Working in a Network” project that visited 13 Brazilian cities to train people involved in the topic

In order to strengthen fundamental rights such as the freedom of migration and asylum, the Higher School of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (ESMPU) launched on Wednesday, January 29, the publication “Pathways, problems and perspectives: the journey of the Working in a Network Project”, in partnership with civil society organizations and government bodies. 

The document is a compilation of the issues addressed during the staging of the Working in a Network project that organized a series of meetings to discuss the strategies of people involved in the reception, integration and relocation of refugees and migrants in Brazil. The project visited 13 Brazilian cities over the past two years. 

The activities were organized by the Refugee and Migrant Training Network, formed by ESMPU (Higher School of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office), UNHCR (United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees) and Conectas Human Rights, among others.  

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