Organizations repudiate threats to parliamentarians by arms groups

NGOs expressed their repudiation of threats made against senators who opposed the rapid discussion of a bill that makes access to arms and weapons more flexible

Nineteen civil society organizations expressed their repudiation of threats made against 15 senators who opposed the swift discussion in the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Committee regarding PL 3723/2019, which provides for more flexible access to weapons and ammunition.

According to the publication, the project presented by the Presidency of the Republic in 2019 – and already approved in the Chamber – is an attempt to legalize almost 40 normative acts by the Executive that completely dismantle the country’s gun and ammunition control policy.

“These parliamentarians, who were quick to oppose a hasty and irresponsible discussion of the PL in the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Committee of the Federal Senate, simply acted with the diligence and care that we expect from any representative of the Brazilian population,” the entities said in the note.

According to the bodies, Senator Marcos Do Val’s report complied with dozens of amendments that destroy the national policy of control of arms and ammunition currently instituted, authorizing the use of weapons at several categories that have nothing to do with any sport or leisure practice, or collecting with the sole purpose of expanding the circulation of weapons.

The organizations that signed this petition are; Conectas Human Rights, Brazilian Forum on Public Security, National Forum for Animal Protection and Defense, GESTOS – Seropositivity, Communication and Gender, IDEAS – Popular Advisory Alana Institute, Igarapé Institute, Sou da Paz Institute, Criminal Justice Network, Coalition for Socio education, Transparency Brazil, National Lgbti+ Alliance, Brazilian Association of Homo-trans-Affective Families, Dignity Group, Cidade Escola Aprendiz, Instituto Arueras, Justiça Global, Kurytiba Metropole, TETO Brasil.

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