Organizations express concern about democracy following an increase in political violence

In a note, more than 110 civil society organizations repudiate the increase in the possession of arms and in political violence in Brazil

Foto: Tânia Rego / Agência Brasil Foto: Tânia Rego / Agência Brasil

Two civil society notes, issued this week, draw attention to the increase in political violence in Brazil and the risks to democracy. The first one was led by the Frente Parlamentar Mista em Defesa da Democracia e dos Direitos Humanos (The Mixed Parliamentary Front for the Defence of Democracy and Human Rights) and warns of an increase in political violence in Brazil, while the second one, issued by the Pacto pela Democracia (Pact for Democracy), states that democracy and this year´s elections are at risk due to political violence. 

The letters were written following the death of Marcelo de Arruda, a municipal guard and treasurer of the PT (Workers´ Party) who was shot dead by a bolsonarista (supporter of Bolsonaro) on Saturday (09/07) in Foz do Iguaçu (PR). 

More than 110 civil society organizations, including Conectas, signed the documents that stress the urgent need for public figures to cease expressions of hatred and intolerance. 

The organizations also highlight that the cases of political violence are not isolated, but are in fact the result of an “increase in the circulation of arms and ammunition which is making the current situation of violent radicalisation even more serious.” They also call for a slowing down in the offensive to further increase the carrying and possession of firearms in the country. 

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