Organizations demand measures from digital platforms against attacks on democracy

After the second round of elections, incitement contents against the democratic order are being shared on digital platforms

Foto: Bruno Fortuna/Fotos Públicas

Foto: Bruno Fortuna/Fotos Públicas

On Wednesday (2nd of November), civil society organizations released a note demanding greater action from digital platforms against uprisings and contents that are against the democratic order in Brazil.

After the second round of the elections, inciting content against the democratic order – such as calls for uprising and requests for military intervention – are circulating massively on digital platforms. In the note, the entities state that “moderation actions have been minimal or non-existent.”

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Over 25 organizations signed the document, among which is Conectas, which demands the adoption of effective measures and accountability for actions and results used against anti-democratic content that attacks the electoral system and incites violence.

“This transparency is essential for society and authorities to identify what is being done at this dangerous time of uprising against the democratic order,” the entities state in the document.

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