Organisations request Human Rights protection for global supply chain

Organisations present recommendations in a letter sent to the G20 Employment Working Group.

Hamburg/Germany – Working meeting at the G20 Summit in 2017. (Beto Barata/PR) Hamburg/Germany – Working meeting at the G20 Summit in 2017. (Beto Barata/PR)

During preparation for the G20, the forum of the principal industrialised and emerging countries on the planet on 11, 12 and 13/06 in Geneva, Switzerland, civil society organisations called for representatives of the group to implement recommendations related to global procedures for the supply chain.

The supply chain, which encompasses the whole logistics process of a particular product or service from raw material right through to the end user, is constantly affected by political and economic instability, bureaucracy in transport logistics and even natural disasters. These can also affect workers.

Organisations, concerned about these instabilities, called for the G20 Employment Working Group to foster dignified working conditions, by guaranteeing and protecting human rights. In addition, they called for measures guaranteeing respect for a commitment to transparency in the areas of society, environment, workers and anticorruption in the management of the supply chain. Organisations also recommended strengthening the participation of workers, the apparatus of social dialogue and ensuring access to social rights in cases of unemployment.

The letter is signed by Conectas and another 11 organisations including OECD Watch, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) and Human Rights International Corner (HRIC).


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