Nearly 100 organizations sign Pact for Life and for Brazil

Manifesto submitted to the three branches of government presents demands to address serious health, economic, social and political problems in quarantine

A broad alliance of more than 100 organizations, among them OAB (Brazilian Bar Association) and Comissão Arns (Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns Commission for the Defense of Human Rights), has signed the Pact for Life and for Brazil, a document that was submitted to the three branches of government on World Health Day, April 7.

In the document, the alliance of organizations calls on the government, among other things, for the emergency basic income to reach those who need it immediately, and for it to be extended for as long as necessary. Another highlight is the request for part of the wages of the productive sector to be paid by the government, together with the approval of ‘precatory credit’ (small loans generally extended to elderly people).

Furthermore, the organizations request incentives for donations and an in-depth study into the implementation of a wealth tax.

Speaking about the importance of the Pact, Belisário dos Santos Júnior, a lawyer for Comissão Arns, said that “in these times of pandemic, the ideas that should prevail and be practiced are: solidarity, defense of dignity, social isolation and government transparency”.

The intention of the initiative is to call on governments, the branches of the Republic as well as Brazilian citizens to come up with solutions, in this time of crisis, to enable a better quality of life for those most in need, both during and after the pandemic.

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