In statement, institutions reinforce support for collective Habeas Corpus in youth detention centers

Justice Edson Fachin aims to limit occupancy at these facilities

Several organizations signed, on August 12, a statement in support of the collective Habeas Corpus pending in the Supreme Court. The intention of Justice Edson Fachin, rapporteur of the case, is to limit the maximum occupancy of adolescents held at youth detention centers, in order to prevent overcrowding in often unhealthy environments.

If approved, the case will determine that occupancy at these facilities may not be more than 119% of capacity. If the number of adolescents exceeds this limit, they must be either transferred to another facility or included in an open environment program – except in cases of crimes involving violence or the serious threat of violence.

The statement signed by the organizations points out that the adoption of this measure has become even more important in 2020, which marks the 30th anniversary of the ECA (Child and Adolescent Act).

This case is related to a precautionary measure granted by Fachin two years ago. According to organizations like Conectas, some important progress has been made over this period.

The statement emphasizes that the measure resulted in the resumption of the educational purpose of the centers and the one-on-one monitoring of the adolescents, an improvement in the structures of the centers and a reduction in the number of disturbances and riots.

With the approval of the Habeas Corpus in the Supreme Court, the organizations say that, in the context of the 30 years of the ECA, the case will reinforce the commitment to the premise that the State should safeguard childhood and that it should therefore nurture children and adolescents as worthy of development, irrespective of where they are.

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