Ideas Fair brings together human rights-related initiatives at Sesc 24 de Maio in December; see the program

Free event celebrates International Human Rights Day with games, exhibition tables, audiovisual productions, art and photography

Feira de Ideias é iniciativa da Conectas, realizada pelo Sesc 24 de Maio. Foto: Coletivo Enoá Feira de Ideias é iniciativa da Conectas, realizada pelo Sesc 24 de Maio. Foto: Coletivo Enoá

Conectas and Sesc 24 de Maio are staging on December 2 and 3 the 7th Ideas Fair, an event being held to mark International Human Rights Day, celebrated on December 10.

For the purpose of presenting initiatives and works in different formats aimed at promoting and implementing human rights, the Ideas Fair will bring together activists, social movements and groups, students, researchers and journalists who will exhibit their projects to the public of all ages and share their experiences, achievements, challenges and methodologies among themselves.

In this year’s edition, the fair will feature 20 projects that address different issues such as menstrual poverty, gender equality, migration and asylum, antiracism, climate justice, religious freedom and diversity, rights of indigenous peoples and gypsies, and LGBTQIA+ rights, among others.

Games, exhibition tables, audiovisual productions, art and photography, in addition to a round table conversation with Jurema Werneck (Amnesty International Brazil) and Maurício Terena (Association of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil – APIB), moderated by Semayat Oliveira (Mano a Mano podcast and the journalism site Nós, Mulheres da Periferia), are the highlights of the free program, which will bring together initiatives aimed at all ages and offered by organizations such as Instituto Sou da Paz, AfroEscola, Instituto Rebbú and Ponto Zero do Refúgio, among others.

“Over the course of a weekend, the fair will feature activities for the whole family and all ages with the aim of celebrating International Human Rights Week, showcasing the strength and vitality of civil society through creative and innovative projects and initiatives that can effect change and have a social impact,” said Jeferson Batista, curator of the Ideas Fair and communication and engagement coordinator at Conectas Human Rights.

See the full program: 


AfroEscola das Ideias (AfroSchool of Ideas)

AfroEscola is a space for learning and creation, referenced in original, diasporic, ancestral and contemporary Africanisms.

Banquinha de Memória LGBT+ (LGBT+ Memory Bank)

Acervo Bajubá

A space for the coming together of art, memory, history and affect, in which personal and collective experiences of LGBT+ people and groups can be accessed and celebrated. 

Jogos de Educação Política (Political Education Games) 


Games that help the public understand who they are, what they do and how the members of the three branches of government interact.

Jovens Multiplicadoras de Cidadania – JMCs (Young Women Citizenship Multipliers – YWCMs)

Programa de Jovens Multiplicadoras de Cidadania – JMCs/Themis – Gênero, Justiça e Direitos Humanos.
YWCMs are a group of young women from the urban outskirts, trained in a legal empowerment course developed by Themis, with a focus on preventing violence.

Lá em casa tá tudo bem (Everything’s fine at home)
Lá em casa tá tudo bem
Project on sexual education whose main objective is the prevention of violence. Sex education is not just about sex!

Livros como propulsores da luta contra a invisibilidade e da reflexão sobre injustiças sociais (Books as catalysts for the fight against invisibility and reflection on social injustice)

Coletivo Dulcinéia Catadora 

Group of women who, for the most part, work on recycling at the cooperative Cooperglicério, located in the center of São Paulo.

Ponto Zero do Refúgio: As Vidas e as Migrações Forçadas (Ground Zero of Asylum: Lives and Forced Migrations)

Ponto Zero do Refúgio

We are an independent group that works with cultural and educational projects focused on the topic of asylum in Brazil.

Programa de rádio Unifala Bicho – O Seu Canal de Comunicação com a Vida – Tema: Caboclas-mulheres negras linha de frente na luta pela natureza contra o racismo ambiental – Unifala Bicho Projetos Inteligentes (Unifala Bicho radio program – Your Channel for Communication with Life – Topic: Black-Cabocla women on the front line of nature’s fight against environmental racism – Unifala Bicho Smart Projects)

Marina Rosa

Black women, environmental and social activists, building narratives and spreading knowledge across the radio waves. 

Projeto Empoderadas: Educação na Lei Maria da Penha (Empowered Women Project: Education on the Maria da Penha Law)

Juliana Queiroz
A detective game – based on the Maria da Penha Law – in which players will prevent a crime of gender violence with the help of Empowered Heroines. The project’s educational proposal is a partnership between the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) and the Municipal Legislature of Goiânia. 


Rede Romanipen

Synopsis: Romanipen is a project that aims to highlight and expose the memory of the Romani (gypsy) people and their contributions.

Segurança Pública em Dados: Guia Prático para Jornalistas (Data on Public Security: A Practical Guide for Journalists)

Instituto Sou da Paz

A comprehensive manual on how to access data from dozens of public security databases and sources from the municipal to the national level and how to obtain, via the Freedom of Information Law, data not published by governments.

Não à Pobreza Menstrual (No to Menstrual Poverty) 

Instituto Rebbú

Sustainable and community solution to combat menstrual poverty.



Organization: Mó Missão Dance

Duration: 2 minutes and 52 seconds

Year: 2021

Genre: Videodance

Synopsis: Atemporal addresses moving beyond the margins of time, of infinite dances in space, by building a truly timeless relationship (past, present and future). It is about brotherhood.

Palhaçaria de Rua (Street Clown)

Organization: Taynara Bruni

Duration: 4 minutes and 56 seconds

Year: 2017

Genre: Documentary

Synopsis: The documentary shows how art and culture provide an experience of personal and social transformation for homeless people through the “Clown Profession” workshops, which first began in July 2017 by the artist Selva Manaós at Chá do Padre, a space that receives 350 socially vulnerable people every day.

MTST – Ocupação Marielle Vive na Zona Norte de SP (Homeless Workers Movement – Marielle Lives Occupation in the North Side of São Paulo)

Organizer: Thomaz Pedro

Duration: 7 minutes and 37 seconds

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2019

Synopsis: The Marielle Vive occupation of the Homeless Workers Movement (MTST), in the North Side of São Paulo, stages a large demonstration in the region.

Que sua luta seja como a da floresta (May your struggle be like the struggle of the forest)

Organization: Gabriel Bicho

Soundtrack: Matheus Pasquali – Besouro

Duration: 9 minutes and 35 seconds

Genre: Video art

Year: 2023
Synopsis: Fighting to keep the forest standing means waging war, denying neutrality, also understanding oneself as a forest; the napë [white men in the Yanomami language], in order to be less gray, should think green, divert to green, feel more green.

Roteiro Cultural Cohab Tour Completo 2022 (Cohab Full Cultural Tour 2022)

Organization: Grupo Da Mata

Duration: 3 minutes and 31 seconds

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2022

Synopsis: The reforestation of cities is part of the environmental and cultural agenda that guarantees involvement with the land we intend to preserve.

Tem Floresta em Pé, Tem Mulher (Woman and the Rainforest)
Organization: Oxfam Brasil, CNS, MIQCB and CONAQ

Duration: 3 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2023

Synopsis: The film presents female forest leaders to raise awareness among the population on the topics of environmental racism, climate justice and land rights.  


Encontros na Festa de Iemanjá (Encounters at the Festival of Yemoja)

Antônio Carlos de Lima

At the Festival of Yemoja, the Enchanted beings and the Orisha deities gather with their children to celebrate peace and life in harmony with nature.

Hãpkumep Hãmãgãy Hãpxux: viagem de onças na Amazônia (Hãpkumep Hãmãgãy Hãpxux: jaguar journeys in the Amazon)

Jé Hãmãgãy 

Illustrations that show moments of affection between an indigenous mother and her baby who traveled to the Amazon at the invitation of the Mura people.


Alianças antirracistas: pessoas negras e indígenas em diálogo (Anti-racist alliances: black and indigenous people in dialogue)

The human rights of indigenous and black populations are still in a process of consolidation. In the pursuit of a truly anti-racist society, the alliance of historically marginalized groups is one way to overcome inequality and discrimination. How can indigenous and black people work together to fight for their rights? What are the possibilities? And the challenges? Based on these questions, an indigenous leader and a black leader share their experiences, strategies and challenges on the journey towards building a fairer world for all people. The round table conversation also features the participation of Jurema Werneck, Maurício Terena and Semayat Oliveira.

Mauricio Terena – Legal coordinator at the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) and a doctoral candidate in social anthropology.

Jurema Werneck – Doctor, PhD in Communication and Culture, co-founder of the NGO Criola and Executive Director of Amnesty International Brazil.

Semayat Oliveira – Journalist, co-founder and content director of the journalism site Nós, Mulheres da Periferia and journalism consultant and co-host of the Mano a Mano podcast. 

Saturday, December 2, at 4 pm


Conversations among the exhibitors, moderated by Cassia Caneco.

Cassia Caneco – Actress, educationist, manager of cultural projects, co-manager of the Espaço de Artes Pretas e TLGBQIAPN+ center in Sapopemba and Executive Director of Instituto Pólis.

Sunday, December 3, 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm and 3 pm to 4:30 pm

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