“Human rights in the Context of the Pandemic” is the theme of the new issue of the Sur Journal; read the texts

Issue number 31 of this international specialist publication on human rights looks into impacts and responses to the pandemic in the Global South

Issue number 31 of the Sur Journal contains a series of discussions on the theme “Human rights in the context of the pandemic: impacts and responsesThe publication, released on Friday (28) and edited by Conectas, is available online, free of charge, in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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The authors of the texts are from Peru, Chile, India, Colombia, Brazil and South Africa. They reflect on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Global South through analyses, discussions and the experiences of different groups, including responses to Covid 19, social mobilisation, the geopolitics of vaccinations, as well as the challenges for human rights of surveillance and data harvesting. The issue moves between local contexts, such as favelas and indigenous and black communities and the wider scenario involving judicial systems and international organisations.

 “The contributions to this edition of Sur also reflect the resilience, creativity and the constant collective efforts of civil society, especially of the most affected populations, to confront not only the crisis caused  by Covid-19 but also an unequal global system”, says Maryuri Mora Grisales, Executive Editor of Sur Journal in the Letter to the Readers.

Writing grants

This issue contains four texts written by two indigenous women and two black women chosen through the Sur Journal writing grant selection process, that received 1,203 applications from black people and 216 applications from indigenous people, a total of 1,419 applications. This is around 40% higher in comparison with the writing grant call for applications in issue 28 of Sur, in 2018. In addition to financial support, each recipient participated in a mentor programme run by lecturer, Dr Vera Rodrigues ((UNILAB/ ABPN). 

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