Folha and Conectas launch podcast on human rights challenges in people’s daily lives

Launched on Friday, October 16, “Cara Pessoa” addresses issues such as hate speech, racism and police violence

Launched on Friday, October 16, the new podcast produced by the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo in partnership with Conectas addresses the challenges of human rights and discusses their understanding and assimilation by people.

In ten episodes, “Cara Pessoa” touches on topics such as freedom of speech and hate speech, racism and whiteness, police violence and the prison system.

Hosted by the journalist Fernanda Mena, the podcast is available every Friday, at 9 am, on all the main audio streaming platforms.

The narrative of the episodes adopts a format of reading letters that are addressed to the listeners. In this manner, various stories of human rights thinkers are told in a light-hearted and creative way.

The first episode starts at the beginning, telling the origin of the ideas and concerns that led to the first attempts to establish standards for defining the basic and fundamental rights of each person.

This introductory episode features the lawyer and activist Sheila de Carvalho, the professor of the FGV Direito SP law school Oscar Vilhena and the philosopher Luis Felipe Pondé.

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