Eighth episode of Cara Pessoa explains what is meant by contemporary slavery

In partnership with the Folha newspaper, Conectas releases a podcast on human rights issues with a new episode every Friday

Released this Friday, December 4, the eighth episode of the Cara Pessoa podcast, produced by the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo in partnership with Conectas, addresses contemporary slavery and how this crime, which often goes unnoticed, affects invisible workers.

The episode points out how everyday products, including clothes and food, can be made using a production chain based on the exploitation of slave labor.

To discuss the topic, Cara Pessoa invited the lawyer Paula Nunes, who gives an overview of how Brazilian legislation deals with the problem. She also addresses the weakening of the defense mechanisms that has taken place in recent years and how this affects the policy for protecting these people. 

This week’s other guests include Father Paolo Parisi, coordinator of Missão Paz, an organization that provides shelter for immigrants and refugees, who talks about the link that exists between immigration and labor exploitation in Brazil.  

The Cara Pessoa podcast is available every Friday, at 9 am, on all the main audio streaming platforms.

The narrative of the episodes adopts a format of reading letters that are addressed to the listeners. In this manner, various stories of human rights thinkers are told in a light-hearted and creative way.

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