Dismantling of environmental protection in Brazil is target of complaint in UN

Organizations sign a document rejecting the country’s regressive policy on the environment and human rights

Foto: Ascom/Semas
Foto: Ascom/Semas

Civil society organizations have signed a letter warning of the social and environmental setbacks in Brazil and requesting the recognition of the right to a sustainable environment as a fundamental human right. 

The document draws on the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 and the United Nations Human Rights Council to argue the importance of environmental preservation as an essential right for all people. 

Signed by 50 civil society organizations, the letter identifies the measures taken by the State to dismantle environmental protections. The weakening of Conama (National Environment Council), encouragement of illegal land occupation, increased deforestation and the discontinuation of indigenous land demarcation are examples of the environmental setbacks identified in the letter. 

“Right now, when the environmental topic in Brazil has been the focus of resounding international criticism, this position by the Brazilian government illustrates its leniency towards destruction and its lack of respect for the environment as a fundamental right of all people,” reads the document. 

Read the letter in full here.

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