Conectas condemns insurgent acts and calls for accountability

The invaders urgently need to be held accountable, as do those funding and encouraging the subversion of the democratic rule of law and who do not accept the results of the election

The storming of the National Congress, the Presidential Palace and the Supreme Court that took place this Sunday, January 8, as part of insurgent acts by the far-right are extremely serious.

The invaders and those funding and encouraging the subversion of the democratic rule of law and not accepting the results of the election urgently need to be investigated and held accountable, under the terms of the law.

It is also necessary to investigate the inaction of the police in the Federal District, which was well aware of the mobilization in Brasília and the tone of the threats but did not make the necessary effort to guarantee the security of the spaces that represent the heart of the Republic.

It is necessary to reinforce that, in a democracy, opposing political forces must act within legal and republican limits. Acts such as those witnessed today and many others that have occurred since the elections, in a clear attempt to forcibly reverse the result of the ballot, do not find acceptance within freedom of expression, nor our Constitution.

The regrettable episodes this Sunday are the result of the pro-coup and authoritarian discourse present during the four years of the Bolsonaro government that gained momentum given the silence and lack of decorum of the defeated candidate.

More than 40 foreign governments, organizations and international observers have already expressed their condemnation of the attacks suffered today by Brazilian democracy. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, was quick to speak out, condemning “the assault on Brazil’s democratic institutions”. According to the UN representative, “the will of the Brazilian people and the country’s institutions must be respected”.

Democracy is a common and fundamental heritage, which we urge all the authorities to firmly defend. Brazil needs peace and stability to address the real problems that afflict the most vulnerable population, such as inequality, hunger, racism, violence and disrespect for fundamental rights.

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