Civil society organizations fret over the State of exception in El Salvador

More than 70 organizations call for the abolition of the state of exception and attacks against civil society

Nayib Bukele, presidente de El Salvador - Imagem: Wikimedia Commons Nayib Bukele, presidente de El Salvador - Imagem: Wikimedia Commons

Civil society organizations across various countries, on Thursday (31st of March), signed a declaration whereby attacks on both national and international civil society organizations in El Salvador was denounced. These organizations also show concern on the state of exception that the Central American country is experiencing.

Conectas, WOLA, Dejusticia and Federación Internacional por los Derechos Humanos are part of the over 70 signatories calling for a denouncement of the situation in the country and for an end to government attacks on national and international organizations working in favor of fundamental rights.

In practice, the state of exception – requested by President Nayib Bukele and approved by the Legislative Assembly – permits the suspension of constitutional guarantees and basic procedural rights, such as the right to be informed of the reasons for an arrest.

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The Constitution of El Salvador allows a state of exception in the event of war, disaster or serious disturbances of public order. The government, in turn, justifies its action by saying that it is necessary to fight against violence in the country. However, the Salvadoran Supreme Court declared that the increase in crime does not fit the criteria to justify the state of exception in the country.

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