Civil society has condemned violent action by Military Police during Legislative Assembly vote in São Paulo

During a vote on the privatisation of the São Paulo water company (Sabesp), military police officers forcefully suppressed activists and human rights defenders

Protestos durante votação sobre privatização da Alesp  (Foto: Divulgação/Alesp) Protestos durante votação sobre privatização da Alesp (Foto: Divulgação/Alesp)

On Wednesday (06), protesters were assaulted at the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (Alesp). The acts of aggression took place during a demonstration against the privatisation of Sabesp (Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo), which was voted on and approved on the same day. The text now requires the approval of Governor Tarcísio de Freitas (of the Republicanos party).

Over 30 organisations, among them Conectas, signed the document condemning the action by the Military Police. In addition to pepper spray and truncheons, at least five people sustained head injuries and required on-site medical assistance.

“It is unacceptable that suppression on this scale should occur in a legislative institution, a space that is primarily intended for political and social participation. The Legislative Assembly, like other formal and informal places of participation, must allow different, varied and dissenting voices to articulate and express their demands.” The text says. 

In the statement, the organisations also warn that the conduct of the Military Police is incompatible with the right to freedom of expression, association, political and social participation, demonstration and the right to protest.

Read the content of the statement in full here

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