Bolsonaro engages Ministry of Defense to monitor protests

President says Armed Forces need to be prepared for demonstrations like those in Chile. Organizations request clarification from Executive

Foto: Bianca Moreira Foto: Bianca Moreira

President Jair Bolsonaro said on Wednesday, October 23, that the Armed Forces are prepared to contain demonstrations in the country. In a visit to Japan, Bolsonaro was asked about forecasts made by experts that protests like the ones in Chile could take place in Brazil.

“I have spoken with the Minister of Defense about the possibility of unrest like we had in the past, similar to what’s happening in Chile. We are prepared to use article 142 (of the Constitution), which is for the maintenance of law and order, if they (the Armed Forces) are called upon by of the three branches of government,” said the president.

In response, more than 30 civil society organizations sent a letter to the Office of the Federal Prosecutor for Citizens’ Rights requesting explanations from the Executive Branch. According to the document, the statement by the president is questionable because it could represent a serious threat to fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. 

The organizations are asking the Office to intervene to prevent any possibility of violating constitutional guarantees and they claim that government monitoring “could exceed the legal limits and compromise the activities of individuals and lawfully established associations.” 


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