Beyond the State

Repeating the format of the previous three events, the last in the cycle of global launches of #SUR19 will bring together academics and activists to discuss the inclusion of human rights in foreign policy. The difference, this time, will be in the approach, which will have a broader focus on international relations and the role of non-state actors on the global stage.

The debate that precedes the release of the journal will involve professors from the IRI (Institute of International Relations) of PUC-RJ (Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro) and experts from Conectas, and will include topics such as South-South cooperation, foreign policy, human rights in Latin America and civil society.

“Engaging academia and civil society in the discussion on the role of other actors in international relations is essential to further the debate on the prevalence of human rights in bodies beyond those of diplomacy and politics,” said Laura Waisbich, adviser to the Foreign Policy program at Conectas, who conducted an interview for #Sur19. “It is a unique opportunity to unite two key elements in this multifaceted context: activism and research.”

The event will be held at midday on September 3, in the auditorium of the IRI (Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 232, Gávea – Rio de Janeiro). Registration is not necessary.

All the content of #SUR19 can be accessed on the new website and in the printed version of the journal. SUR Journal has been edited and published by Conectas for 10 years, in three languages, and is distributed in more than 100 countries. All the 18 previous issues are also available online.

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