Article: Criminal justice and the suspension of the right to vote

Read the opinion piece on the suspension of political rights for involvement in the criminal justice system

Fachada Supremo Tribunal Federal Fachada Supremo Tribunal Federal

Read the opinion article signed by Carolina Diniz, advisor for Conectas’ program to Combat Institutional Violence; Clarissa Borges, Strategic Litigation and Advocacy advisor at IDDD (Institute for the Defense of the Right to Defense), Luigi Giuseppe, researcher and doctoral candidate in law at USP; and Vivian Peres, program coordinator at IDDD (Institute for the Defense of the Right to Defense).

Published on Wednesday (14th September) by Mídia Ninja, the text talks about the suspension of political rights, as well as people´s right to vote, that is, those who are involved with the criminal justice system. The restriction, however, affects the young black population, with low income and education – the majority composition in the Brazilian prison system, according to the National Survey of Penitentiary Information of 2017.

“Although our Constitution is interpreted in the sense of removing the political rights of all those who have been convicted […] we cannot consider a democracy to be healthy when more than 1% of its electorate is removed from the polls in general […] especially with the fore knowledge of the socioeconomic characteristics of this group”, say the experts in the article.

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