A Pact for Democracy calls for respect for next Sunday’s elections through protest

On the eve of October 2nd, a network of organizations launches a document where it asks members of the society to vote, respect the election and choose democracy

Foto: Divulgação
Foto: Divulgação

The Pact for Democracy released, this Thursday (29th of September), the manifesto “Exercise the vote, respect the election and choose democracy” with a message of preparation for the 2022 elections. In the document, the network of civil society organizations emphasizes the importance of the democratic spirit in guaranteeing free, fair and peaceful elections throughout the country.

The manifesto also stated that, with the increase in political violence, exercising democracy next Sunday (2nd of Octyober) is essential. “The multiplicity of colors of our political flags cannot be a reason for hostility”, the document emphasized, “it must be understood as evidence of the intrinsic plurality of any truly democratic society”.

The Pact for Democracy also requests the Brazilian society to declare commitment and respect the results of the polls, and emphasizes that the Brazilian electoral system is “reputed worldwide for its quality and credibility, with no evidence of rigging in its entire history”.

“May the 2022 elections in Brazil be the expression of a society that is truly and deeply committed to building, deepening and strengthening its democracy”, concludes the manifesto.

The Pact for Democracy

The Pact for Democracy is an initiative of Brazilian civil society aimed at defending and improving political and democratic life in Brazil. It works as a plural, non-partisan platform open to all citizens, societal organizations and political actors willing to join the coalition. The Pact is made up of more than 150 organizations, like Conectas Human Rights, Instituto Vladimir Herzog, Instituto Marielle Franco and Oxfam Brasil.

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