A group of Organization released a document on regulation of digital platforms in Brazil

One hundred entities signed a report that presents points of consensus and key points as discussion of a new regulatory framework on digital platforms

Foto: Manjunath KIRAN / AFP Foto: Manjunath KIRAN / AFP

Civil society organizations released a document this Wednesday (26th of April), stating; “The regulation of digital platforms in Brazil: positioning of civil society organizations and academic entities”. The report has the signature of one hundred entities, including Conectas.

In the report, the organizations defend the need to implement a new regulatory framework for digital platforms in Brazil, through the creation of a new independent and autonomous regulatory body. “Only in this way will it be possible to raise transparency requirements, reduce significant negative effects on human rights and improve accountability processes”, they state in the text.

The document is divided into two parts: consensus points and key discussion points. The first part comprises of six points of consensus derived from several meetings of the SAD (Articulation Room against Misinformation) — which brings together civil society organizations and academic entities. The second part however presents key points that still need to be deepened, specified and debated.

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