A call for the abolishment of national security law with social participation

More than 120 organizations signed a document emphasizing the importance of revoking LSN through broad and plural debate and not through the urgency regime

Foto: Pablo Valadares/Câmara dos Deputados
Foto: Pablo Valadares/Câmara dos Deputados

PL (Law Bill) 6764/2002 is asking for the abolishment of the LSN (National Security Law) and the  approval of new legislation in the name of defense, of the Democratic Rule of Law, through the emergency regime. 

The letter signed by more than 120 organizations, including Conectas, and four individuals who support the entities’ manifesto, is against the urgency regime in the vote on a substitute law to LSN. The document reinforces the importance of the National Security Law being revoked, for the sole reason that it´s seen as a remnant of the military dictatorship. However, a broad and plural debate with the social sectors is necessary to overcome the said law. 

Social participation in the debate of a new law, is also of utmost importance in order to prevent  the mistakes of the past from continually affecting fundamental freedoms and rights directly.

In addition, the letter highlights that Brazil is experiencing its worst health crisis in history, which is why Parliament’s paramount effort should be aimed at strengthening health and combating the deadly coronavirus. 

“If the urgency still exists, even if  a few days of public debate can be guaranteed, we are at a serious risk of approving a text that may pose a problem to democracy itself; by contributing to the criminalization of social action and the arbitrariness of the institutions that we are all witnesses to”, says the document. 

Read the full document here.

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