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With a new website and format, SUR 21 brings drug policy analysis to the Global South

With a new website and format, SUR 21 brings drug policy analysis to the Global South With a new website and format, SUR 21 brings drug policy analysis to the Global South

As the international community prepares to rethink the international drug policy at the United Nations in April 2016, the Sur Journal, published by Conectas, presents the Sur File with eight original articles on the so-called ‘war on drugs’ and its impact on human rights in the Global South. Researcher Julita Lemgruber, expert on the subject, served as the guest editor.

Among the authors are the neuroscientist Carl Hart, professor of psychology at Columbia University, and Anand Grover, former UN rapporteur on the right to health and a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy. The articles, which can now be accessed on the journal’s website, deal with practical experiences and research conducted in India, Thailand, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, the United States and Nigeria.

“Prohibitionism has always had a particularly harmful impact on the Global South. We therefore gathered together authors who are considering solutions within the region and who have diverse areas of knowledge from criminal law to neuroscience,” says Thiago Amparo, executive editor of SUR.

“There is no better time to promote this debate, both nationally as internationally. In Brazil, we are reviewing – for the first time – how criminal law treats users. Globally, we are watching the preparations for a crucial meeting at the United Nations next year, which will discuss international drug policy.”

Amparo refers to UNGASS (the Special Session of the UN General Assembly on Drugs), to be held in April 2016. During the meeting it is expected that Member States will modify the international understanding of the subject and open the possibility for policies based on public health and human rights.

New Format

The 21st edition Sur edition also marks a new era for the publication, which has reached its tenth year. Thinking of how to improve the experience for its readers as well as expand the reach and impact of its content, the journal can now be read on a new and more accessible website.

Click here to access Sur Journal’s new website.

The texts are far more diverse in length and format. For the first time Sur 21 also features a photo essay, curated by Leandro Viana, which brings together images and reports of five international photographers on protests in their countries.

The goal, however, remains as strong as ever: to share the experiences and knowledge produced by activists, academics and policy makers, primarily with a Global South perspective, in order to influence the global human rights agenda and strengthen the movement and its practice.

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