UN: Conectas denounces human rights violations in Brazilian prisons

At the United Nations Human Rights Council, the organization demands responsibility from the Brazilian State in the face of structural problems in the prison system

On Monday (26th of June), during the 53rd session of the UN Human Rights Council, Conectas called the attention of the international community to the deaths that took place in Brazilian prisons and the violation of the right in the memory of the deceased, justice and truth of the violence victims’ relatives in the country.

According to the complaint, the State fails to guarantee the physical and mental integrity of the detainees, who suffer from various forms of violence and are denied access to treatments for treatable and eradicated diseases. Furthermore, there are lots of cases in which families are not even informed about the hospitalization or death of their loved ones.  

The organization emphasized on the need of the Brazilian State to prevent deaths in the prison system through effective policies, as well as to assume responsibility for the integrity of the people in its custody.

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