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In the seminar “3 years of the Freedom of Information Law: how to make more progress?”, scheduled for Thursday, May 14, in São Paulo, Abraji (Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism), Article 19, Conectas and Transparency Brazil will discuss with public authorities the application of the Freedom of Information Law to date and possible improvements moving forward. Since May 2012, the law establishes standards for public transparency in all branches (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) and in all spheres (federal, state and municipal).

Gilberto Waller Junior, the federal government’s associate ombudsman, and João Pedro Corrêa Costa, manager of SIC (Citizen Information System), of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, have already confirmed their participation in the debates. The event is free and will be held in the auditorium of the FGV Law School in São Paulo (Rua Rocha, 233 – Bela Vista) from 9 am until 1:30 pm. People interested in taking part should register via the online form.

Three new studies on the Freedom of Information Law – and the difficulties that still exist using it – will be presented in the first panel of the seminar, from 9 am to 11 am. These are the second edition of the survey “Use of the Freedom of Information Law by Journalists”, by Abraji, which measures the practical effects of the legislation for journalists; the annual report on the implementation of the law across the country, by Article 19; and a map of the problems accessing information from local legislatures, by Transparency Brazil. Gilberto Waller Junior will comment on the results of the studies and give the perspective of the Office of the Inspectorate-General (CGU).

The second panel, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, will be held to discuss the use of ‘public security’ and ‘preservation of international relations’ as justifications to deny access to information. Representatives from Article 19, Conectas Human Rights and the Brazilian Public Security Forum, which frequently encounter this type of restriction, will debate the topic with João Pedro Corrêa Costa, of the Ministry of Foreign Relations.


Seminar “3 years of the Freedom of Information Law: how to make more progress?”

May 14, 2015, from 9 am to 1:30 pm

Auditorium of the FGV Law School

Rua Rocha, 233 – Bela Vista – São Paulo-SP

Registration free using the online form.


9am-11am – Situation of freedom of information in Brazil: experiences by the press and by civil society

Marina Atoji (Abraji), Joara Marchezini (Article 19), Natália Paiva (Transparency Brazil), Gilberto Waller Junior (CGU)

11am-11:30 am – Coffee break

11:30am-1:30 pm – Challenges for the full application of the law in matters of public security and international relations

Juana Kweitel (Conectas Human Rights), Paula Martins (Article 19), Brazilian Public Security Forum, João Pedro Corrêa Costa (Foreign Ministry)

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