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Journal celebrates 10 years by adressing the challenges of the human rights movement Journal celebrates 10 years by adressing the challenges of the human rights movement

The SUR Journal welcomes, starting today, articles on the topic “Perspectives on the International Human Rights Movement in the 21st Century”. The deadline for submissions ends on January 31, 2014 and the selected articles will be published in the 10-year commemorative issue of the journal, in July.

Download the call for papers here in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

The issue will address the challenges that have been encountered by NGOs from the Global South in recent years, such as the incorporation of information technologies into campaign strategies and the need to combine local action and international presence.

The choice of topic condenses and updates, to a large extent, the broad academic debate that the journal began a decade ago. “The backdrop against which human rights organizations operate has changed significantly over the past 10 years, with the emergence of countries like Brazil, India and South Africa, the eruption of street protests in various countries and the possibility of citizens organizing independently over the internet, among other factors. Conectas wants to know how human rights defenders have responded to the challenges and seized the opportunities that have emerged from these changes,” said Maria Brant, editor of the journal.

SUR – International Journal on Human Rights is published twice a year by Conectas, in partnership and with the support of the Carlos Chagas Foundation. It is published in three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) and distributed free of charge to approximately 2,400 readers in more than a hundred countries.

Development and human rights

The latest issue of the journal, published in August, addresses the topic of the relationship between human rights and economic development and draws attention to the new role of companies on the international stage. All the articles from this and other issues can be accessed on the website www.surjornal.org.

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