Sur magazine launches a new edition at Ação Educativa, in São Paulo

Talking circle about the future and human rights movement marks the launch of Sur 32; attend the face-to-face event

On Friday (14th of April) Conectas promotes the launch of the new edition of Sur – An International Journal on Human Rights. The event will feature a talking circle on possible futures and the human rights movement in the Global South, which will be held in person from 6:30 pm at the headquarters of Ação Educativa, in São Paulo (SP).

Muriel Asseraf (Conectas), Néle Azevedo (independent artist and researcher, and author of “Monumento Mínimo”), Déborah Monte (UFGD), Matheus Hernandez (UFGD), Nina Santos (*disinformant), – are all authors of the new issue of Sur Magazine–, as well as Rodnei Jericó da Silva (International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights – Race and Equality). Mary Grisales; executive editor of Sur, and Renato Barreto, editorial consultant of the magazine will both oversee the event.

“Possible futures: What is the new normal?” is the subject of the new issue of Sur, edited by Conectas. The 32nd edition of the magazine brings together reflections on paths for the human rights movement in a scenario of political, economic and global health crisis.


Sur 32 Magazine launch event

Date: Friday 14th April 2023, 

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Venue: Ação Educativa headquarters – Rua General Jardim, 660 – Vila Buarque, São Paulo – SP, 01223-010.

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