Sur 32 debates challenges of global human rights movement; read the latest issue of the journal

Newly released issue discusses new configurations of global power; technology, disinformation and democratic processes; and structural challenges for non-governmental organizations

“Possible futures: Is there a new normal?” is the topic of the latest issue of Sur – International Journal on Human Rights, published by Conectas and released today. The 32nd issue of the journal compiles reflections on the paths for the human rights movement in the midst of a global political, economic and health crisis.

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The key topics addressed in Sur 32 are: New configurations of global power; Technology, disinformation and democratic processes; and Structural challenges for NGOs, topics that are explored in articles, essays, institutional reflections and artwork, among other things. The authors of this issue work in different fields and countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland, Denmark, Zimbabwe, the United States, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and France.

“As we conclude this issue, we believe we have brought together an important and diverse group of academic experts, international organizations and civil society actors, who all made valuable contributions to the debate about the reconfiguration of global power, the role of technology and disinformation in democratic processes and, finally, on the structural challenges that this situation poses for human rights organizations,” writes Maryuri Mora Grisales, the executive editor of Sur, in the Letter to the Readers.

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