Sunrise for Marielle and Anderson

Several actions in memory of Marielle Franco to be staged this Saturday, despite cancellation of rallies due to coronavirus

A vereadora Marielle Franco e seu motorista, Anderson Gomes, foram assassinados em 14 de março (Foto: Márcia Foletto) A vereadora Marielle Franco e seu motorista, Anderson Gomes, foram assassinados em 14 de março (Foto: Márcia Foletto)

This Saturday, March 14, marks two years since the assassination of city councilwoman Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Pedro Gomes. Despite some progress in the investigations, many questions remain unanswered. The authorities have still not managed to identify the motives for the crime, nor who was responsible for having them killed.

On account of the measures taken to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the rallies organized for this Saturday in various cities, including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, have been canceled. We should point out, however, that other mobilizations are taking place in honor of Marielle’s history and legacy, and we must continue to demand justice.

In spite of the search for answers, we have known from the start that Marielle was killed because of what she represented: a black, LGBT woman from the favelas occupying a position of power and fighting for the rights of her peers. Marielle’s political activism made her a target and that is why this crime is an attack on democracy and the democratic rule of law.

We continue to call for swift, transparent and responsible investigations to shed light on the execution of Marielle and Anderson. Supporting this cause means fighting for democracy and human rights, and against structural racism and other forms of discrimination.

Despite the cancellation of the rallies, the organizers are staging a “Sunrise for Marielle and Anderson”. São Paulo, for example, will wake up on Saturday morning with a large banner exposed at a visible point in the city. Anyone wishing to join the movement is invited to hang a banner, scarf, yellow cloth or sunflower from their window, roof or balcony, on the street or in the public square close to their home. You are also invited to upload photos, videos and posts to social networks with the hashtag #JustiçaPorMarielleEAnderson.

If you would like more information on the actions staged in other cities across the country or materials to promote your local activities, we suggest you visit the Marielle Franco Institute website and the Facebook page of the #AmanhecerPorMarielle action in São Paulo.

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