Special issue of SUR has global launch

Readers from London, New York, Bandung, Johannesburg, São Paulo and Buenos Aires will be able to participate, starting in October, in the cycle of global launches of the 20th issue of SUR Journal. The issue comes in a larger and more dynamic commemorative format and marks the 10 years of the publication. It will be launched with a series of debates on the challenges currently facing the human rights movement around the world.

“SUR was born with the goal of uniting the points of a discussion that until recently was fragmented and trending towards isolation” said Ana Luiza Cernov, coordinator of the South-South program of Conectas. “Now, 10 years on, the journal proves its ability to broaden the critical debate on the theory and the practice of human rights and to strengthen those that struggle for those rights to become a reality, especially in the Global South.”

In the issue’s 55 articles, which are divided into six key topics, activists, academics and authorities present practical experiences, provide local perspectives on global issues, question the relevance and the timeliness of the rights approach, share action strategies and address the political, economic and social outlook that currently shapes the multipolarity and redefines the boundaries between the North and the South.

Featuring among the authors are some major names in the international human rights movement, such as Stephen Hopgood (SOAS-CCRJ), Raquel Rolnik (former UN rapporteur on the right to adequate housing), Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro (Brazil’s National Truth Commission), Mallika Dutt (Breakthrough), Kumi Naidoo (Greenpeace), Danny Sriskandarajah (Civicus), Louis Bickford (Ford Foundation), Ken Roth (Human Rights Watch), Salil Shetty (Amnesty International) and Vinodh Jaichand (University of the Witwatersrand).

Read the full issue here.

See the full list of authors and articles of SUR 20 here.

See the dates and locations of the journal launches:


Date and time: October 10, at 7 pm

Location: SOAS, University of London

Guests: Lucia Nader (Conectas), Stephen Hopgood (SOAS-CCRJ), Phill Bloomer (Business & Human Rights Resource Centre) and Maggie Beirne (human rights activist)

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New York

Date and time: October 20, at 4 pm

Location: Ford Foundation

Guests: Lucia Nader (Conectas), Louis Bickford (Ford Foundation), Chris Groove (ESCR-Net), Ken Roth (Human Rights Watch), Sara Burke (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung) and Martin Kirk (The Rules), Thiago Amparo (SUR Journal), Mallika Dutt (Breakthrough) and Heloísa Griggs (Open Society Foundations)

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Date: October 30

Location: Parahyangan Catholic University

Guests: Ana Cernov (Conectas), Haris Azhar (KontraS), Hassan Wirajuda (Former Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Mangadar  Situmorang  (Department of International Relations, Catholic University of Parahyangan).


Date: November 22

Location: University of the Witwatersrand

Guests: Juana Kweitel (Conectas), Vinodh Jaichand (University of the Witwatersrand) and Janet Love (Legal Resources Centre).

São Paulo – To be confirmed

Buenos Aires – To be confirmed

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