Possible violation of Constitution in congressional elections raises concerns

In a statement, civil society organizations say they would be alarmed by a reelection of the speakers of the Lower House and Senate

In a letter published on Wednesday, December 2, dozens of civil society organizations said that they would be monitoring the judgment by the Supreme Court, scheduled for this Friday, December 4, on the possibility of reelection for the positions of speaker of the Lower House of Congress and the Federal Senate. 

The case to be discussed by the court justices challenges the constitutionality of the reelection of the current two speakers, Rodrigo Maia (House) and Davi Alcolumbre (Senate).

The signatory organizations point out that the Constitution is clear when it says that each chamber shall meet for the seating of its members and the election of its speakers for a term of two years, and that the same candidates are forbidden from running in the next election.

The letter expresses concern over the possibility of a constitutional violation and calls on the Supreme Court justices to ensure categorical compliance with the law.

One of the concerns raised by the organizations is that permitting reelection could set a serious precedent, particularly given the current context of so many threats to democratic institutions and the Rule of Law in Brazil. 

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