Over 70 organisations hold protest in sao paulo about the Anticrime Package

A protest about the Package will be take place in São Paulo, starting at 7pm on 4 June, in the Student Room of the Law Faculty at Largo São Francisco. This is another action in the campaign launched at the National Congress in March: “Anticrime Package, a Fake Solution.” The protest, organised by several different civil society organisations, is drawing attention to the fallacy of the package presented by the Minister for Justice and Public Security, Sérgio Moro, as a solution to the problem of public security.

The proposals contained in the package are supposed to have the objective of fighting organised crime, violent crime and corruption in a ‘simple and efficient’ way, according to its creator. However, no analytical studies of the social and financial impact have been carried out to substantiate the measures that are a head-on attack on the Federal Constitution and could well increase mass incarceration and its consequences, according to researchers. As such, in practice instead of improving security, the package, if approved, would lead to an increase in violence and public instability, would have a serious financial impact on federal states and would strengthen criminal organisations working within the prison system.

Public instability is a very serious problem plaguing the Brazilian people, who suffer with the war on drug trafficking, selective police violence and with an inefficient, unfair legal system. Meanwhile, effective solutions for these problems are being discussed publicly, with attention to both the structural complexity of the problems and to recognising the responsibility that the three Powers (Legislative, Executive and Judiciary) have towards Brazilian society.

For these and other reasons the organisations came together in a further protest as part of a national campaign that aims to lay bare the fact that the Anticrime Package is, indeed, a fake solution.

The campaign, launched in March at the Chamber and at the Senate in May, came into being as a response to proposals for harsher sentencing and the licence to kill presented in February by the Minister for Justice and Public Security, Sérgio Moro. There are currently two bills of law circulating in Brasília: the PL 882/2019, in the Chamber and bill of law 1864/ 2019 in the Senate presenting the same text. Institutions supporting the campaign believe that the changes set out in these bills are unconstitutional and would be inefficient in solving public instability in the country. As such, with the aim of demystifying the proposals presented and discussing a genuine way of facing the problem of public security in Brazil, everyone is invited to the protest. See below for information:

Day: 04/06
Time: 19h
Venue: Student Room – Largo São Francisco, 95, Sé, São Paulo-SP.

Facebook event:​ https://www.facebook.com/events/2016137345362756/


Organisations taking part in the “Anticrime Package, a FAKE Solution” campaign:

APEF/DF (Association for the Support of Prisoners, Former Convicts and Families)
ABRACRIM – (Brazilian Association of Criminal Lawyers)
ABJD (Brazilian Association of Lawyers for Democracy)
ADPERJ – (Association of Public Defenders of the State of Rio de Janeiro)
AJD – (Association of Judges for Democracy)
Amparar – (Association of Friends and Families of Prisoners)
ANADEP – (National Association of Public Defenders)
APADEP – (Sao Paulo Association of Public Defenders)
People’s Brigades
Campaign against the Criminalisation of Social Movements and the Justice and Peace Commission

XI de Agosto Academic Centre
CESeC/UCAM – (Research Centre for Security and Citizenship at the Candido Mendes University)
Centro de Assessoria Popular Maria Criola (Centre for Social Assistance Maria Criola)
COADE – Lawyers for Democracy Collective
Coletivo Em Silêncio (Silent Collective)
Coletivo Transforma MP
Coletivo Papo Reto
Committee DH/OAB-SP
Conectas Human Rights
CONDEGE – National College for Public Defenders – General
Public Defender’s Office in the state of Minas Gerais
Public Defender’s Office in the state of Rio de Janeiro
Public Defender’s Office in the state of Rio Grande do Sul
State of Rondônia Movement Against the Reduction of the Age of Criminal Responsibility
Evangelical Front for the Rule of Law
Inter-religious Front Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns for Justice and Peace
Frente pelo Desencarceramento RJ
Frente Distrital Pelo Desencarceramento (DF)
Fórum Grita Baixada
Lawyers for Sexual and Gender Diversity
Grupo Eu Sou Eu; reflections on life in prison
Grupo Torture Never Again RJ
Instituto Angels of Freedom
IBADPP – (Bahian Institute of Criminal Procedural Law)
IBCCRIM – Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences
IDDD – Institute for the Protection of the Right to Defence
IDEAS – Social Assistance
Instituto Probono
Instituto Sou da Paz
ISER – Institute of Religious Studies
ITTC – Land, Work and Citizenship Institute
Global Justice Mothers from the East
Mothers of Manguinhos
May Mothers
May Mothers of the Northeast

Mothers of Curió
Mothers Mogianas
MEPCT/RJ – Rio de Janeiro State Mechanism for the Prevention and Combat of Torture

Movimento Moleque
MNU – United Black Movement
National Street Children Movement
NESC – Specialist Centre of Prison Conditions of the state of São Paulo Public Defender’s Office
Observatório de Favelas
General Ombudsman for the Rio de Janeiro Public Defender’s Office

CNBB – National Pastoral Care in the Prison System
PBPD – Brazilian Platform on Drugs Policy

Network of Communities and Movements against Violence
Feminist Network of Lawyers
Network for the Protection and Resistance to Genocide – São Paulo
Redes da Maré
RENFA – National Network of Anti-Prohibitionist Feminists Renap – CE
RJC – Criminal Justice Network
SASP – State of São Paulo Union of Lawyers
Voices of Mothers and Families of Ceará Correction Centres and Prisons

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