Organizations call for an end to the supply of weapons to Israel

In a statement, civil society demands international responsibility in the face of illegal attacks, urging an immediate end to military support for Israel

Conflito entre Israel e Palestina. Foto: Mohammed Abed/  AFP Conflito entre Israel e Palestina. Foto: Mohammed Abed/ AFP

Civil society organizations take a stand to end complicity in international crimes. They made this known in a statement requesting that the supply of weapons and other forms of military assistance to Israel be stopped, based on international treaties and laws.

“We remember that providing weapons or military support to Israel can make exporting States complicit in its actions”, the text signed by more than 170 organizations including Conectas, asserts.

In the note, the organizations emphasize that Israel carried out indiscriminate, disproportionate attacks, as well as other illegal attacks against civilian infrastructure, causing large-scale civilian casualties.

The document brings demands from civil society in relation to the conflict. Check out the organizations’ requests below:

  • The imposition of a two-way arms embargo on Israel
  • States must also refrain from concluding any military cooperation agreements, including military training and operational intelligence cooperation
  • All States must call for an immediate ceasefire, unconditional and unimpeded access of fuel and humanitarian aid, including water, food and medical supplies, to the Gaza.Strip to alleviate the dire humanitarian crisis, and the immediate lifting of the blockade as well as illegal closure that has lasted for 16 years
  • States that import weapons and surveillance technology from Israel must immediately suspend all such imports
  • Transit States must refuse to allow their ports and airports to be used for the transfer of weapons to Israel;

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