Opinion: Brazil progresses with epidemic of authoritarianism

Through its rejection of science, with increasing negligence and denialism, we have observed a strategy to use the pandemic to implement Bolsonaro’s agenda of social setbacks and erosion of rights

Article by Marcos Fuchs, legal and finance director at Conectas, published in El País:

“The vital defense of life should be the most basic right to be protected by the State, but the Brazilian response to tackle Covid-19 has not prioritized the protection of the life and health of Brazilians. A recent study conducted by Cepedisa (Center for Research and Studies on Health Law of the University of São Paulo), in partnership with Conectas, based on more than 3,000 rules issued by the federal government since the start of the pandemic, reveals how the Federal Executive has acted to obstruct the responses of state and municipal governments to the pandemic. The study was obtained exclusively by EL PAÍS at the end of January.”

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