Director of Conectas among the 12 new executives chosen to receive support for institutional development

The executive director of Conectas, Juana Kweitel, was one of the 12 leaders of non-governmental organizations from around the world chosen by the Open Society Foundations to receive support for two years to implement her vision of change at the organization.

“My proposal is to create the conditions for Conectas to become a more diverse organization that is more receptive to the demands of society,” said Juana Kweitel, who was appointed executive director of Conectas in December 2016. To achieve this, besides having a diversified team, it is vital to build partnerships with new and non-traditional actors from the human rights movement outside the Brasília-Rio-São Paulo circuit.

To be more receptive, Conectas also needs to strengthen its capacity to communicate with the general public on human rights issues.

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