Ideological control of the judiciary

Conectas expresses solidarity with Judge Kenarik Boujikian, punished by the São Paulo State Court

Conectas expresses solidarity with Judge Kenarik Boujikian, who was formally reprimanded last week for her decision to release pre-trial detainees who have already spent more time in prison than required by the sentences they receive.

The judge’s reprimand was decided on February 8 by the Special Body of the São Paulo State Court, by 15 votes to 9. The decision prevents Boujikian from receiving any merit-based promotion for a period of one year, in accordance with the Brazilian law that governs judges.

However, by releasing the detainees, Judge Boujikian was simply observing the law. In addition to setting a serious precedent against the independence of the São Paulo state judiciary, the reprimand represents an attempt at ideological control and a reprisal against a judge who, unlike most of her peers, does not view mass incarceration as an effective security policy.

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