Human Rights Day

Sur Journal is released today in Portuguese, reflecting the diversity of this global movement Sur Journal is released today in Portuguese, reflecting the diversity of this global movement

Ten years ago, the need was identified to increase the production of knowledge and exchange of experiences between human rights advocates and academics from the countries of the South. “We were a long way from the Rule of Law that existed in some countries in the North, where the majority of academic journals dedicated to the discussion of human rights were published,” recalls Pedro Paulo Poppovic, the first editor of Sur Journal.


A decade later, after 20 issues published in three languages and distributed to a hundred different countries, the Journal has now carried more than 200 articles by 240 authors, the majority from countries of the Global South.


Poppovic is honored with a profile that opens Sur 20. The publication is divided into six topic sections: Language, Themes, Perspectives, Voices, Tools and Multipolarity.


The founders of Conectas, Malak el-Chichini and Oscar Vilhena, pen an article in which they reflect on some of these topics, giving a historical perspective and reinforcing the idea that the issues surrounding the debate on the global human rights movement are the same, only the answers are now more varied.


“Perhaps the most striking change has been the increasing democratization and participation of civil society. This is true even of the emerging countries that now play a key role in the globalization process. The emergence of countries that define themselves as the ‘Global South’ has led to new demands and a new modus operandi in the language of human rights,” say the authors in their article.


“Issue 20 of SUR reflects the diversity of the voices of the global human rights movement and illustrates the complexity of the challenges that need to be faced, but it also presents the innovative strategies that are being implemented,” said Juana Kweitel, program director at Conectas. “We are proud of this issue that contributes to deepening the much-needed dialogue between both South-South and North-South. This issue of the Journal will serve as a tool for work and reflection for us all for a long time,” she added.


On the date the world celebrates Human Rights Day, in commemoration of the 66 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the latest issue of the Sur Journal is being released in Portuguese. See below the topic sections of issue 20, with their respective authors. 



Introduction by Lucia Nader, Juana Kweitel & Marcos Fuchs

Profile of Pedro Paulo Poppovic

Oscar Vilhena Vieira, Malak El-Chichini Poppovic




Sara Burke

Vinodh Jaichand

David Petrasek

Samuel Moyn

Stephen Hopgood

Emilio Álvarez Icaza

Raquel Rolnik

Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro

Kumi Naidoo



Janet Love

Phil Bloomer

Gonzalo Berrón

Diego Lorente Pérez de Eulate

Gloria Careaga Pérez

Arvind Narrain

Sonia Corrêa

Clara Sandoval


Nicole Fritz

Mandira Sharma

Maria Lúcia da Silveira

Salvador Nkamate

Haris Azhar

Han Dongfang

Ana Valéria Araújo

Maggie Beirne

María-Ileana Faguaga Iglesias


Fateh Azzam

Mario Melo

Adrian Gurza Lavalle

Juana Kweitel

Pedro Abramovay, Heloisa Griggs

James Ron, David Crow, Shannon Golden

Chris Grove

Mary Lawlor, Andrew Anderson


Pétalla Brandão Timo, Gastón Chillier

Martin Kirk

Rochelle Jones, Sarah Rosenhek, Anna Turley

Ana Paula Hernández

Miguel Pulido Jiménez

Mallika Dutt, Nadia Rasul

Sopheap Chak

Sandra Carvalho , Eduardo Baker

Fernand Alphen

Mary Kaldor

Louis Bickford


Lucia Nader

Kenneth Roth

César Rodríguez-Garavito

Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah, Mandeep Tiwana

Emilie Hafner-Burton

Mark Malloch-Brown

Salil Shetty

Louise Arbour

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