Dozens of organizations make appeal to guarantee health of migrants in the Americas

In a letter, they denounce violations against Venezuelans, deportations of Mexicans and arbitrary detention of Haitians

On account of the coronavirus pandemic, dozens of organizations from across the continent made an appeal this Monday, March 30, for its countries to guarantee the health of migrants and refugees.

In a letter, the organizations denounced violations against Venezuelan migrants stranded on the country’s border with Brazil and Colombia, the arbitrary detention of at least 80 Haitians in Guatemala and the rise in deportations of Mexicans in the United States. 

“The measures implemented as a response to this [coronavirus] crisis cannot be discriminatory or result in undesirable outcomes that would negatively impact the enjoyment of human rights. On the contrary, they must be proportional, strictly necessary and developed and implemented with a human rights and gender perspective. They must also ensure the participation of civil society organizations. Moreover, these measures cannot justify the systematic detention of migrants, asylum-seekers or refugees,” they said.

In Brazil, Conectas and Missão Paz signed the document.


>>> Read the letter in full in English and in Spanish.

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