Debate on the land and climate challenges faced in defending the Amazon Basin

In a live broadcast on Friday 26th, civil society organizations from the Amazon countries will come together to debate problems concerning the Leticia Pact

Foto: Raphael Alves/Amazônia Real)
Foto: Raphael Alves/Amazônia Real)

On Friday 26th, at an event hosted by Conectas Human Rights, , Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad (Environment and Society Association), DAR (Law, Environment and Natural Resources) and the Regional Coalition, there will be a debate on the Leticia Pact, in terms of the challenges of land and climate rights in the Amazon Basin. The event starts at 11.30am (Brasília time) and will be broadcast on Youtube

Those participating in the debate include Antonia Melo da Silva (Xingu Vivo Para Sempre Movement), David Cruz (Environment and Society), Denisse Linares (DAR), Judith Nunta Guimaraes (Women´s Programme) e Julia Mello (Conectas Human Rights). 

The objective of the event is to alert civil society to the contradictions and defects of the Leticia Pact in terms of the challenges of land and climate rights in the Amazon Basin and to persuade national governments to create spaces for dialogue between the different actors about progress. 

The Leticia Pact 

The Leticia Pact was created in 2019 by the governments of the seven countries that make up the Amazon Basin system: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname and Peru, with the initial aim of cooperation in protecting the Amazon Basin region, as well as tackling environmental adversities, like the devastating fires recorded in 2019. 

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