Conectas has signed a manifesto in defence of democracy and the Judiciary; read in full

A document, spearheaded by The Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp), is calling for a country that is “prosperous, just and that demonstrates solidarity, guided by the republican principles set out in the Constitution”

Fiesp building, located on Avenida Paulista - Photo: Press Office Fiesp building, located on Avenida Paulista - Photo: Press Office

Over one hundred civil society organisations, business institutions and trade unions have signed the manifesto “in Defence of Democracy and the Judiciary” put together by Fiesp. Conectas is one of the signatories of the document that was published on Friday (05).

On Thursday (11), the manifesto will be read at the University of São Paulo Law School, in Largo São Francisco, São Paulo (SP). 

See the full document below:

“In Defence of Democracy and the Judiciary”

In the bicentennial year of Independence, we reiterate our unwavering commitment to the sovereignty of the Brazilian people expressed by the vote and exercised in accordance with the Constitution.

During the centenary celebrations, modernists launched the 1922 Art Week, a cultural movement that paved the way for characteristically Brazilian art and helped to mould an authentic national identity.

Today, we are once again spurred to identify paths that will consolidate our journey to follow the will of our people, this being the highest level of independence a nation can achieve. Democratic stability, respect for rule of law and development are the essential conditions needed for Brazil to overcome its principal challenges. This is the greatest significance of the Seventh of September this year.

Our democracy has demonstrated robustness. In under four decades, it has faced deep crises, both economic, with periods of recession and hyperinflation and political, overcoming flaws through the strength of its institutions.

The latter have been sufficiently solid as to ensure the execution of governments from different political spectrums. Without caving under the litanies of those who overstep reasonable limits of constructive criticism, our institutions have continually guaranteed the civilised progress of Brazilian society.

It is important that the Powers of the Republic – Executive, Legislative and Judiciary – foster the changes that are essential for the development of Brazil, independently and harmoniously.

Civil society organisations and the citizens who have signed this manifesto would like to emphasise the roles of the Brazilian Judiciary, with particular reference to the Supreme Federal Court, the ultimate guardian of the Constitution, the Superior Electoral Court which has conducted our internationally-respected elections with the highest level of security, efficiency and integrity as well as all magistrates, acknowledging their esteemed role throughout our history, as a pacifying force in disagreements and in the protection of fundamental rights.

We would like to pay tribute to all those who exercise the noble function of the Judiciary in this country, at a time when destiny is demanding of us balance, tolerance, civility and a vision of the future.

We want a prosperous, just country that demonstrates solidarity and is guided by the republican principles expressed in the Constitution, which we abide by, trusting in the superior will of democracy. This is strengthened by union, repairing that which is damaged, not destroying; accumulating hopes for a proud and peaceful Brazil, not undermining these hopes with slogans and divisiveness that threaten the peace and development we long for.

All those who have signed this manifesto would like to repeat their unwavering commitment to the institutions and the fundamentals of the rule of law, which constitute the very sovereignty of the Brazilian people who we are celebrating on the symbolic date of the foundation of Law courses, in Brazil.

Brazil, 11 August 2022 

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