Christiane Cese: dedication to the fight for justice

Despite the sadness that comes with this loss, we promise to preserve the happy and beautiful moments we shared in our memory, and honor them daily in our work.

On Tuesday morning (6th), we lost our dear colleague; Christiane Cese, to the cold hand of death after a long battle with cancer – a fight that greatly angered but inspired us.

Christiane, who worked with us at Conectas since 2018, when she joined as an intern, brought to work the same dedication that she applied to everything and everyone  she loved: her father and mother, her religion, her friends, the law school, human rights, black militancy, among others.

In 2020, when she joined the Program to Combat Institutional Violence as a trained lawyer, she wrote on her social media account that it was a privilege and an honor to be part of Conectas. Today, Chris, we your colleagues, reaffirm that, it´s a great privilege and honor to have had  you with us and most importantly, being able to learn from your courage and your joy.

Inspite of the sadness, we vow to continually preserve in our memory the beautiful and happy moments we share, and to always honor them in our work. We extend a warm hug and  deep solidarity to the entire family. May God give you the fortitude to bear the irrepearable loss.  

Christiane, You Came! You saw! You Conquered!

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