Bolsonaro government names intelligence agent to coordinate relations with NGOs

Since the agent works for the Intelligence Service, their identity was not revealed in the Federal Gazette

Sede da Abin (Agência Brasileira de Inteligência) em Brasília. Foto: reprodução Sede da Abin (Agência Brasileira de Inteligência) em Brasília. Foto: reprodução

The government of President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday, March 10, appointed an employee of Abin (Brazilian Intelligence Agency) to head up the government department responsible for relations with civil society organizations.

A ministerial order published this Wednesday in the Federal Gazette appoints the employee with the registration number 910004 to the position of General Coordinator of Liaison with Civil Society Organizations. The use of the registration number instead of the person’s name is standard practice to avoid revealing the identity of Abin agents.

The Department of Relations with International Organizations and Civil Society Organizations of the Special Secretariat of Social Coordination is responsible for engaging in dialogue with international organizations and with civil society organizations on issues of concern to the Presidency of the Republic.

According to Juana Kweitel, executive director of Conectas Human Rights, it is strange that a professional trained to conduct government intelligence now occupies a position whose function is to promote dialogue between the government and civil society.

“How can this government expect a dialogue with civil society organizations when the very person responsible for coordinating this relationship cannot be identified?” she asked.

In January 2019, Provisional Executive Order No. 870/2019 issued by the Presidency gave the Secretary of Government the authority to “oversee, coordinate, monitor and observe the activities and actions of international bodies and non-governmental organizations in the national territory”. The functions of “monitoring and oversight” were later rejected by Congress.

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