At the UN, organizations denounce police lethality and political violence in Brazil

Conectas and Geledés state that prejudice must be addressed institutionally

Police lethality and political violence in Brazil were the subject of a denouncement on Tuesday (4), at the 1st session of the UN Human Rights Council. Conectas and Geledés – Instituto da Mulher Negra stated that black people and LGBTQI+ people are the biggest victims of police lethality and political violence in the country. 

“The increase in cases of political violence, principally against women of African descent, transsexuals and transvestites is a further example of the inter-sectional discrimination and denial of citizenship to which these people are subjected in Brazil”, said Maria Sylvia de Oliveira, coordinator of Policies for the Promotion of Equality of Gender and Race at Geledés. 

“It is the state´s responsibility to acknowledge the prejudice that black women face which is more intense in the arenas of power they come to occupy and to promote actions that ensure the protection of civil and political rights as fundamental in the struggle against racial discrimination”, the organizations say during the speech. 

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