Article: Three years later, tragedy like Brumadinho could be repeated

Read the opinion article on how Brazil still has an unsafe mining model for workers and its communities, despite the history of socio-environmental tragedies

Foto: Ricardo Stuckert/Fotos Públicas
Foto: Ricardo Stuckert/Fotos Públicas

Read the opinion article signed by Júlia Neiva, the coordinator of Conectas’s Social and Environmental Rights Defense program, and Letícia Aleixo, Regional technical advisor at Cáritas Brasileira Minas Gerais, published on the UOL news portal, on how Brazil has remained susceptible to new disasters on socio-environmental projects such as those of Mariana, in 2015, and Brumadinho in 2019, both in Minas Gerais.

“How do we guarantee that this new Mining Code is more protective of human rights and that avoidable tragedies like those in Mariana and Brumadinho do not happen again?”, ask Neiva and Aleixo.

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